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Have you been curious about Cuba? Want to see it before it changes? Want to see it safely – and without the hassles of flying through Mexico or Canada?

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Join us on Your Cuba Cruise, The Louis Cristal, Friday, March 18-25, 2016

The ship sails from Montego Bay with stops in Santiago de Cuba, Havana (2 days), Maria la Gorda, and Cienfuegos. There will be one day “at sea.”


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What’s included                   
• 7 nights accommodation in the selected cabin category
• Full breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks every day
• Fitness center
• Fully supervised children’s program for ages 4-12
• Daily entertainment program
• Evening entertainment and theme nights
• Your very own Cuba!

Cruise prices are per person
Inside – interior cabin, no window
Outside – Cabin with a window

Prices are also based on the location of the cabin – mid-ship, forward or aft (back) and the deck (higher decks & mid-ship cost more than lower decks)

There are a few suites on the ship, but they don’t allow them to be booked as part of a group. Call if you are interested in booking a suite.

You can view the various cabins on the website at
Early booking rate USD Early booking 

CatDescriptionPer Person
Double Cabin
Per Person
Single Cabin
XFDeluxe Outside
Sitting Area
Up to 3
XEDeluxe Outside
Sitting Area
Up to 4
XDPremium Outside
Sitting Area
Up to 5
XCPremium Outside
Sitting Area
Up to 5
XBSuperior Outside
Up to 2
XBOSuperior Outside
Up to 4
obstructed view*
XAStandard Outside
Up to 4
XAOStandard Outside
Up to 2
obstructed view*
IEDeluxe Inside
Up to 3
IDPremium Inside
Up to 4
ICSuperior Inside
Up to 4
IBStandard Inside
Up to 4
IAStandard Inside
Up to 4

Rates include a 20 % Early Booking quoted in US Dollars, subject to change. The cruise line will charge in Canadian dollars; the US Dollar price will fluctuate. Cabins are subject to availability at the time of booking.

Group members will receive an on-board credit of $50 CAD per person that can be used for drinks & personal items.

3rd, 4th & 5th persons in a cabin will have a significantly lower rate. Cabins that sleep 4 will have two upper bunks. Cabins that sleep 5 will also have a sofa sleeper

*Obstructed view usually means a lifeboat is located outside your window. You get
natural light, but the ocean view is blocked.

Additional costs:

• Membership in People to People in the amount of $75 USD per person. This is what makes it legal to travel to Cub. I’ll have forms & directions for you.
• Port taxes of $178 CAD ($141 USD) per person. The amount is subject to change.
• Gratuities for cruise staff in the amount of $70.00 CAD ($55 USD) per person will be added to your final payment.
• Travel Insurance – Cuba requires all travelers to have travel insurance to cover injury or sickness while in Cuba. A basic policy, based on the cost of the trip and your age (I used the cost of a better cabin plus airfare and my age) was about $120 for one person. This will also cover cancellation before and during your trip along with things like lost baggage and emergency evacuation if you should be injured or become very ill while traveling. You can cover less to get the price down. If you or anyone in your family has pre-existing health conditions, you should purchase the insurance within 2 weeks of your cruise deposit to cover those pre-existing conditions.
• Airfare to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Airfare can be booked 11 months in advance, around May 1. Right now, the lowest fares from Denver are in the $550-600 range per person.
We will negotiate a group fare for a minimum of 10 people traveling together from Denver, but feel free to book your own airfare if you have miles, points or other access to flights. It’s advised to fly a day prior to the cruise so not to worry about a blizzard delaying your flight, but there is a 1:00am departure that arrives in Montego Bay late morning. You must arrive in Montego Bay no later than 4:00pm on Friday, March 18.
• Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, bottled water. You will be able to pre-purchase drink packages before travel.
• Shore excursions (tours from the ports). For a complete list of excursions, go to

A deposit of $250 CAD (approximately $208 USD) per person is due to hold a reservation. You can send a check made out to Carrot Incentive Travel (in US Dollar amount) or request a credit card authorization to complete, scan and email to

Deposits are refundable until January 15, 2016.

If the entire group cancels after January 15, 2016 you will lose $25 per person.
We need a total of 5 cabins for a group – we have 8 so far.

Final payment will be due January 15, 2016.

If you aren’t excited yet – go to

Other dates and special are available – if this week doesn’t work for you, call me!