Incentive Travel for Businesses

Carrot Incentive Travel first researches what will motivate your team to out-perform their previous successes, plans the strategy that will energize and maintain their focus and creates the perfect trip to the most memorable destination with activities, gifts and accommodations.

The result is an experience remembered and talked about for years to come.  A group trip deemed well worth the increased energy, time and effort to create the increase in individual and company income.

International Travel

As an individual, you may want the same concierge services used by groups to identify and customize your international trip. Let the experts show you the way, saving valuable time and energy.

Family and Group Travel

Reunions, yearly family vacations and location or interest-driven group travel can be daunting without guidance. We think we have the time and energy to do it ourselves, yet the reality is – someone else has gone before us and already knows when the best time to travel is, where the best accommodations are and what sights must not be missed.

Honeymoon and Wedding Travel

You want your wedding event and honeymoon to be without stress and guaranteed to be a destination with entertainment that speaks to who you are and flows smoothly into the total plan of these very unique and special days. Turning over the travel and entertainment details to a travel concierge will give you the time and energy to enjoy and experience the wedding event and honeymoon days as a guest would. It is your trip. It is your time to be together. It is your gift to your family and friends.

Cruises and Leisure Travel

Getting signed on for a cruise or booking your airline ticket to a far away place seems simple enough. Yet, in your busy schedule there may not be the time to research and confer with friends, family and online to round out the experience to make it relaxing and enjoyable. Look to an experienced travel specialist who has been there, who knows who to ask and how to guide and handle issues that arise for you before, during and after the trip.