success is a trip

Successful companies know the outcome of Incentive Travel. People brag about it. They remember it. They don’t remember how they spent their cash bonus, but they do remember the scenery, the experiences and the fun they had with each other.

Incentive Travel is effectively used as a profit motivator for sales teams, managers and individual salespeople. Incentive Travel is also successful as an instigator for your entire company, when each department sets goals for completed paperwork, online accuracy, customer service improvement or fewer accidents in the warehouse.

The results are long lasting; the benefits measurable and the up-front costs are nominal.

Companies spend less on Incentive Travel programs then they would on cash bonus incentives. Attendees learn from each other, revel in the status and recognition and make plans to earn the next trip.

how it’s done

Creating and implementing an Incentive Travel program is not as easy as calling your travel agent or assigning the planning to an in-house assistant. The likelihood of success must begin with a professional who will research what motivates individual participants, help to identify, set-up and implement the goal-setting process and create the ideal location and activities. At the foundation of every Incentive Travel program is planning based on motivators.

An Incentive Travel program should include kick-off events and VIP follow-up to create and maintain participation, momentum and follow-through. Consistency and excitement is built over the time-frame of the program to ensure success and buy-in from all sides. Who wants to be left behind? Time and effort are easy trade-offs for increased profit and a fun experience.

Finally, budget, booking and troubleshooting needs to be accurate and done by a Travel Incentive specialist. The trip isn’t memorable solely based on the destination. It is a planned and implemented event that comes together to create a full-on, never forgotten lifetime experience.

what it costs

Incentive Travel has minimal fixed costs. Start-up costs include research, announcements and the explanation of the program and on-going reminders and promotions to keep the contest front and center. As a marketing tool, Incentive Travel motivates, energizes and aligns your business team to increase their efforts, align their goals, create bottom-line profit and have fun. A good incentive program pays for itself AND brings increased profits to the company.

Until team performance actually creates increased revenue, there is little out-of-pocket expense. Once financial success is attained – the trip is finalized and the fun begins!


many benefits

Increased profit is one of the reasons to offer an Incentive Travel program to the key players or the entire staff at your company. It should not be the only motivator. Shared efforts will build your team’s spirit and momentum while retaining your customers and employees by engaging them to work closer together to grow customer satisfaction and to reach even higher goals than they have accomplished previously.

Incentive Travel creates a sense of fun and promotes healthy competition.